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6 Tips to Increase Podcast Listeners

Matt Eastland-Jones
Founder & Managing Director
Updated in:
April 2021
minute read
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Action Points:
Craft Engaging Trailers: Summarise your podcast's essence to attract new listeners.
Maximise Social Media: Promote and repurpose content across platforms.
Enhance SEO and Collaborate: Optimise for search and partner with others to expand reach.
Exercise Patience and Consistency: Building an audience takes time and persistent effort.

Not sure how to increase your podcast listeners? Then you’re in the right place. Because after all that time and effort researching and recording, you need to know how to grow your podcast too.

So, to help increase your podcast listeners, below are six crucial tips that can help people find you.

1. Create a Podcast trailer

A podcast trailer acts as a snapshot of your show, providing potential listeners with a taste of what to expect. Think of it as the hook that can lure an audience into the world you've created.

To craft a captivating trailer, focus on distilling the essence of your podcast into a brief, engaging audio clip, typically between 30 seconds to a minute. Highlight the themes, the tone, and what sets your podcast apart.

Ensure the trailer is accessible on your podcast's landing page and share it across your social media platforms to generate interest and anticipation

2. Use Calls to Action

A call to action is a crucial tool in your podcasting arsenal. It guides your listeners on what to do next, whether it's subscribing, leaving a review, or sharing your podcast on social media.

The key to an effective CTA is clarity and urgency. Be specific about what you want your listeners to do and make the action simple and quick.

Embed your CTAs naturally within the content, ensuring they resonate with your audience and add value to their listening experience.

Only use one CTA at the end of each episode to prevent listeners getting confused on what action to take.

3. Promote your Podcast on social media

Social media platforms are invaluable for promoting your podcast and engaging with your audience. Each platform has its unique features and audience preferences, so tailor your content accordingly.

Share behind-the-scenes glimpses, episode snippets, or engaging visuals that reflect your podcast's theme. Use hashtags strategically to increase your content's reach and engage in conversations with your listeners to build a community around your podcast.

Audiograms are a great way to promote your podcast and attract new listeners. Don’t know what one is? It’s short part of your podcast turned into a video that you can share on social media.

The Futur Podcast Audiogram shared on Twitter

If you don't know how to make audiograms, has you covered. With just a few clicks, you can promote your podcast on social media with beautifully designed audiograms with no design skills needed.

Additionally, consider leveraging paid advertising to target potential listeners based on their interests and listening habits.

4. Creating and repurposing content

Repurposing your podcast content can significantly extend its reach and appeal to different audience segments. Transforming a single episode into multiple content pieces, such as blog posts, quotes, infographics, or short video clips, can maximise your content's exposure.

This not only helps attract listeners who prefer different media formats but also reinforces your podcast's presence online.

Consider writing up a corresponding blog post for each podcast episode, or transcribe your podcast and convert the transcript into a blog post. Written content is needed to improve the searchability and ranking of your podcast. That’s because Google finds text easier to crawl than audio. 

Also, don't forget to repurpose previous episodes. Just because it’s done and dusted doesn’t mean it’s not still relevant. That one you did two years ago may be just what someone needs to hear now.

Want to grow your mailing list for email marketing purposes? Then repurpose previous episodes into downloadable content. Create infographics, checklists and more. To download this valuable info, your listeners need to give you their email address. So, make sure they offer good value, help people to solve problems, or enable them to take action. 

5. Podcast SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn't just for websites; it's equally crucial for podcasts. By optimising your podcast's title, descriptions, and show notes with relevant keywords, you enhance its visibility on podcast directories and search engines.

Conduct keyword research to identify terms your target audience is searching for and incorporate them naturally into your content. Additionally, encourage listeners to leave ratings and reviews, as these can improve your podcast's ranking and credibility.

6. Invite guests and star as a guest on other Podcasts

Featuring guests on your podcast and guesting on others can significantly broaden your listener base. Collaborations introduce your podcast to new audiences and add varied perspectives and expertise to your content.

When selecting guests or podcasts to collaborate with, ensure alignment in values, content, and audience demographics. Effective networking and building genuine relationships within the podcasting community can lead to more collaborative opportunities and mutual growth.

A guest provides double the promotional opportunities. Your separate social media platforms help to reach a wider audience, as will your individual marketing activities.

Better still, guests introduce you to their audience, a brand-new bunch of people, providing you with more podcast listeners. 

Wrap Up

Increasing your podcast listeners requires patience, consistency, and a willingness to experiment with different strategies. By crafting an engaging trailer, incorporating clear CTAs, maximising social media, repurposing content, leveraging SEO, and collaborating with others, you can enhance your podcast's visibility and appeal to a broader audience.

Remember, the growth of your podcast audience won't happen overnight, but with dedication and the right approaches, you'll see a gradual increase in your listener numbers. Engage with your audience, listen to their feedback, and continually refine your content to meet their interests and needs.

As you implement these tips, share your journey and successes with your community, and encourage others to do the same. Let's build a vibrant, supportive podcasting network together.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a 30-minute call with Matt, our Founder, to discuss your needs and hear more about our services.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a 30-minute call with Matt, our Founder, to discuss your needs and hear more about our services.

Ready to get started?

Schedule a 30-minute call with Matt, our Founder, to discuss your needs and hear more about our services.

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