Launching our free Content Review initiative

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During the lockdown, we've been trying to work out what we can do to help businesses recover from the global pandemic, even just a little bit. 

The result is our Free Content Review - a new initiative for businesses interested in leveling up their online presence.

We'll review your content across your platforms, and identify what steps you can make to increase reach and audience engagement. 

What is a Content Review?

A content review is a detailed look at the content your business is creating and sharing online, and how your audience is engaging with it.

Content is a broad word - we define content as any type of media that’s created or shared to strengthen relationships and build your brand. 

Examples of content include:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Twitter posts
  • Instagram Stories
  • Postcast
  • LinkedIn Polls
Content is any type of media that’s created or shared to strengthen relationships and build your brand.

When we conduct our content review we’ll go through each of your distribution channels to identify what you’re posting, and how your audience is engaging with it. 

We’ll look at what content is performing well, and what content is performing not so well. 

We’ll then offer suggestions to help increase the effectiveness of your content.

These suggestions could be to double down on a certain type of content, utilise a new feature, or start creating a new type of content - our suggestions will depend entirely on what you’re currently posting and what your audience is engaging with. 

It might be that you’re not entirely sure what you should post, so you’re just doing a bit of everything (or nothing). 

We can help clarify your message and streamline your content to take your online presence to the next level with our Free Content Review.

Last Updated:
February 2021
Matt Eastland-Jones
Matt Eastland-Jones
Director & Founder of Story Ninety-Four

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