Step 7: Finding your host

You’ve defined your show, now you need to find a host. The host is the face of your podcast and one of the most important elements to consider when producing a podcast. Hosts provide structure to the conversation and can act as the gatekeeper to the listener, helping them to learn more and most importantly, work to keep the listener engaged.

Your host could be the business owner, an employee or an expert on the topic. Try to find a host with great energy and presence, who knows their subject matter and can provide their own opinion on the topics. Having someone who is confident and personable will allow them to hold their own in the conversation and be better equipped to guide that discussion along each episode. Moreover, confidence can help the host to ask difficult questions that could reveal unique and fresh perspectives or insight for the listeners. When starting out your podcast is that it’s important to remember that hosting is a skill that can be learned. As such no previous hosting experience is necessary, as long as your host is a confident and knowledgable speaker, after some practice, they can become one of your greatest assets in developing your podcast and cultivating a loyal audience.

Following on from this, when choosing a host, you want someone who has the time to commit to the podcast for at least a year. This will allow them to grow within the hosting role and more importantly begin to build a relationship with the listeners. Moreover, constantly searching for a new host could be costly, both in money and time and can make the podcast feel less cohesive for your audience. You want to find someone who can be consistent and reliable, as this will reflect positively on your podcast.