What is the difference between shutter speed and frame rate?

Shutter speed and frame rate are two terms that relate to both filmmaking and photography. Shutter speed is depicted as a ...

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What is focal length?

The focal length of a lens, represented in millimeters, is the distance from the point when the lights rays converge to the digital ...

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Is 4K better than HD?

HD or Full HD or 1080p HD are terms known to most people. HD stands for High Definition and for the past 10 or so years it has been the ...

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How do you get correct exposure?

Correct exposure of an image means that the image isn't too bright, or too dark. If too much light is hitting the sensor, your highlights ...

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Story Ninety-Four have been invaluable for our podcast, supporting us through conception of a new series, recording, editing, and marketing. They helped us better understand how we can improve our podcast and what works for our type of content. We’re really impressed with the final result, it’s well edited and the sound quality from both the studio and remote recordings is impeccable.
Samantha Amy, Digital Marketing Manager at Satellite Applications Catapult
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