What is B-roll?

B-roll is a term used to describe secondary footage. Within the video, B-roll is used as cutaway footage to provide context to ...

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How do you film on a green-screen?

Filming on a green-screen is professionally known as Chroma Key Compositing, or Chroma Keying. The technique is primarily used to ...

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What is the best background for filming an interview?

Interviews are used in video to drive the story forwards. When planning interviews, you need to make sure that the location of the ...

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How do you film an interview?

We've filmed hundreds of interviews at Story Ninety-Four and we confidently say that mastering interviews is one of the best skills ...

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Got a great idea?

All projects start from nothing - if you have a detailed brief or just an idea, get in touch with our team. We love talking about making the impossible, possible.

Recording my podcast with Story Ninety-Four has been fantastic. It's great to share my expertise with my listeners and has helped establish me as one of the go-to business coaches in Oxfordshire
Mike Foster, Podcaster & Owner of The Entrepreneurs Mentor
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