Post-Production & Editing

Expert answers to your questions on editing including topics such as editing software, colour grading, and music licensing.

What is a rough cut?

A rough cut in video editing is exactly what it sounds, it's a rough version of the video. Editors create rough cuts to share with clients ...

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What is editing?

Editing is one of the stages of Post-Production. Editing involves organising media, cutting clips, and using video and audio to build a ...

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How long does editing take?

Editing and Post-Production is a time consuming process. It involves organising all the footage shot for a project, and then ...

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Can you use any music in your video?

A lot of people, and businesses, assume that as long as they credit the author, they can use any music in their videos. This, however, is ...

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What is colour grading?

Colour grading is one of the final stages of Post-Production. Colour grading is the process of manipulating the colours in a shot to ...

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