Can you use any music in your video?

A lot of people, and businesses, assume that as long as they credit the author, they can use any music in their videos. This, however, is not the case. It is important to remember that musicians, like all creatives, put time, energy, and often their own money, into creating their music and they should be paid a fair price for you to use that music.

There are some websites and platforms that do provide free music, YouTube is one of them. The selection of available free music however is small, and the quality usually isn't very good. To legally use music in your videos you need to licence that music for your project.

There are a lot of great platforms that allow you to licence music. Platforms such as Musicbed and PremiumBeat all allow you to purchase single-use licences for your video. The quality of music on these platforms is fantastic, as all the artists are professional musicians. Some platforms even support chart topping artists.

The cost to licence music is dependant on the artist, and the distribution of the project. For example, a licence for an online ad will be cheaper than a licence for a TV ad.

There are other platforms, such as Artlist and Soundtripe that allow you to purchase a year subscription to their library, allowing you to licence as many music tracks as you want for your projects over the year.

At Story Ninety-Four, we subscribe to several of these platforms to ensure we source the best music for our clients.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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