How do you create a shot list?

A shot list is a strategic document that lists all of the shots to be captured in a project. Shot lists can be further broken down by location, production day, or camera operator.

Shot lists are, as the name suggests, a list!

At Story Ninety-Four we work with our clients to create shots lists to highlight shots that are important to them.

Shot lists allow for flexibility as they can be both vague or very detailed.

For example, one shot list could be:

  1. Interview with CEO
  2. Wide office shot
  3. Business logo
  4. External shot of the building

Or the shot list could be:

  1. Two camera interview with CEO in their office on a 50mm and 70mm
  2. Wide shot of staff working in the office with people walking across frame
  3. Slider shot of the logo in the foyer as people enter the building
  4. External timelapse shot of the building from across the street

Both shot lists provide guidance on the day of production, ensuring all shots are captured. The first allows for more flexibility and inspiration on the day, the other is more specific which may reduce the time on set developing the shots.

The shot list is usually a blend of the two, specific for certain shots, and open to allow for inspiration on the day for others.

To create a shot list, list every detail you want to include in your video and then place them into groups based on location, subject or time restriction. Then place them in order of when you'll film those shots.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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