How do you light an interview?

There are a lot of different ways you can light a subject for an interview. You can do high key or low key lighting, rembrandt, reverse key, clamshell, broadside, and many others. These all provide different looks, and convey different emotions.

In this Knowledge Base post we'll go over a common 3 point lighting setup. The 3 sources of light will be the key light, the fill, and the back light.

Key Light:

The key light is the main source of light hitting your subject. Your key light needs to be a soft light and it should be placed at 45° to your subject and angled slightly down so it is hitting your subject from above.

Fill Light:

The next light is your fill, this can either be a light or it can be a bounce / reflector. Reflectors are large shiny boards that bounce light. Place the fill at 45° to your subject on the opposite side to the key to bounce light back into the subjects face and fill in the shadows.

Back Light:

The final light is the back light. This light is used to separate the subject from the background. Behind your subject, and directly opposite your key light, place your back light making sure that it is out of frame. You should see a the light hitting the hair, neck and shoulders of your subject.

Now you should have a perfectly light subject for your interview.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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