How do you record remote podcast guests?

Interviewing guests remotely is one of the most common ways to get guests on your podcast. But what's the best way to record guests remotely?

The biggest difficulty of interviewing remote guests is not being in control of the audio quality of your guest. There are two solutions to this.

The first is sending a good USB microphone to your guest for them to use during the podcast recording. This is a great way to ensure good audio quality when interviewing guests remotely. However, sending microphones to guests introduces both cost, and logistical challenges, and so it might not always be possible.

The second solution is to use a service like Riverside is an online recording studio and one of the easiest way to record remote guests. Similar to other video conferencing services like Zoom, and Google Meet, Riverside lets you record the audio and video of your call. However, what makes Riverside different is the extra features and control you have of the recording.

Riverside's best feature is that the audio and video is recorded directly to your guests computer, and then simultaniously uploaded to Riverside for you to download after the recording. The benefit of this is that the quality of the audio and video isn't dependent on your internet speeds, so if the audio gets distorted during the call, that won't be present in the final recording.

We use for all of our virtual recordings, as well as send microphones to our guests, and more often then not your listeners won't even know your guests weren't there with you!

Last Updated:
January 2022

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