How do you upload subtitles to Facebook?

Uploading subtitles to Facebook is an excellent way to increase engagement on the platform. Subtitles must be in the SubRip format and saved as an SRT file. Read our Knowledge Base post to learn more about SRT files.

You can add subtitles to new videos, as well as old videos already posted. The process for adding subtitles is the same for both new and old videos.

When you upload a video on Facebook, a new pop-up will appear allowing you add add video details such as a title and description, a custom thumbnail, and your subtitles.

Facebook video upload pop-up

Before uploading your SRT file, make sure you have used the correct naming convention so Facebook can read what language the subtitle is in. The naming convention for SubRip (.srt) files is:

filename.[language code]_[country code].srt

The language and country code for English and the UK is en_GB. Therefore for English subtitles your SRT file should be called to upload to Facebook.

Here is a list of common language and country codes:

  • en_GB (English - UK)
  • en_US (English - US)
  • de_DE (German)
  • es_ES (Spanish - Spain)
  • fr_FR (French - France)
  • it_IT (Italian)
  • nl_NL (Dutch)

Once you have correctly named your SRT file, it's time to upload your subtitles by clicking on the upload button and selecting your SRT file. That's it!

To add subtitles to old videos, click on the video and then click on the three dot icon. You'll have the option to edit your video, click on that and the video pop-up will appear allowing you to upload your subtitles.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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