How long does editing take?

Editing and Post-Production is a time consuming process. It involves organising all the footage shot for a project, and then placing those clips in the right order at the right time to tell the perfect story. It's a blend of technical know-how and creativity.

For large commercial projects or Hollywood movies, post-production can take months; for smaller projects, it can take a couple of days.

At Story Ninety-Four, we recommend all projects have at least 3 days post-production. This allows time to efficiently organise media, craft the perfect film, and provide time for client feedback and revisions.

For a 3 day edit, the days are broken down into:

  • Day 1: Organise media, create a rough cut with temp music and send to client for feedback
  • Day 2: Review feedback, make amendments, complete the edit and send to client for a second round of feedback
  • Day 3: Review feedback, colour grade, license music and deliver final film
Last Updated:
February 2021

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