How much do Subtitles cost?

Subtitles are extremely important to online video.

Subtitles can be made for free in almost all video editors. The problem is it can be a very time consuming task to manually type out every word in your video.

The answer to this problem is to pay to have your subtitles created for you.

Subtitling services usually charge per minute of video, and the cost per minute can vary depending on how accurate you want the subtitles to be.

The subtitling service we recommend is Rev. The cheapest subtitling option provided by Rev is AI transcription which costs 0.25$ per minute of video and they claim 80% accuracy with a turnaround time of 5 minutes.

If you want better accuracy with your transcription, Rev offer human transcription which costs 1.25$ per minute with 99% accuracy.

Out of the two options, we recommend human transcription, as it saves time making corrections to the AI transcription.

Cost per minute:

  • 1 minute - 1.25$
  • 2 minutes - 2.50$
  • 3 minutes - 3.75$
  • 4 minutes - 5.00$
  • 5 minutes - 7.25$
  • 6 minutes - 8.50$
  • 7 minutes - 9.75$
  • 8 minutes - 11.00$
  • 9 minutes - 12.25$
  • 10 minutes - 13.50$
Last Updated:
February 2021

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