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How much does video production cost?

Video production can widely vary in price. Starting at the low hundreds to skyrocketing up to the many millions.

But that answer doesn't really help, does it?

Well, when it comes to video production, project scope and experience are the two primary factors that influence the cost.

Smaller projects will always be more budget friendly than large projects. This is due to the number of days required to produce the final product. A one day shoot will be cheaper than a multi-day shoot. However, if that single day shoot requires 10 deliverables, that will cost more than a single deliverable as it will require more time in post-production.

Secondly, experienced videographers and production companies will also always cost more than entry-level videographers. This is because they are more experienced and will undoubtedly produce videos to a higher quality. They will also likely have better equipment, allowing them more control of the final product.

At Story Ninety-Four, we've developed packages for common video projects that we use as pricing guides.

Our Kickstart package is ideally suited for the budget conscious. It contains one day pre-production, one day production, and one day post-production, perfect for video testimonials, website banners, and short films for social media.

Our Kickstart package starts at £1000.

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Last Updated:
August 2021

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