What is an SRT file?

An SRT file (SubRip Subtitle file) is a plain-text file that contains important information regarding subtitles, including the start and end timecodes of your text, and the order number of your subtitles.

SRT files can created in a simple text editor like Notepad or TextEdit, or by using specialist software. When opened, SRT files contain this repeating structure:


00:00:02,279 - - > 00:00:08,365

Hi, welcome to our new video.

The first line is the subtitle number. As this is the first subtitle in the video, it has the number 1. The next subtitle will have the number 2.

The next line is the timecode in and out points for the subtitle corresponding to the video. The subtitle will come in at 2 seconds into the video, and leave at 8 seconds.

The third and final line is the text of the subtitle. This pattern repeats for the next subtitle.


00:00:09,963 - - > 00:00:16,686

In this video we'll be discussing the importance of subtitles.

It's important to note that an SRT file is just a plain text file that you upload alongside your video, it does not contain the video or audio you're subtitling. At Story Ninety-Four, we recommend you organise your videos into folders, with the video file and subtitle file stored together.

To learn more about the advantages of subtitles, read out blog post: 4 Benefits of Using Closed Captions In Your Video Content.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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