Editing is one of the stages of Post-Production. Editing involves organising media, cutting clips, and using video and audio to build a timeline for your video in specialist software called an NLE which stands for Non-Linear Editor.

The first step of editing is organising the raw footage from a shoot and accompanying sets. For a one day shoot, it is common to have filmed between 2 to 3 hours of footage. Reviewing all of that footage takes time as you need to organise it effectivity to save time later in the edit. You can organise footage by scene, location, subject, type, and many other parameters depending on the needs of the project.

The next stage is creating a rough cut, this involves editing individual scenes together and breaking up the interview into shorter soundbites that support the story, and adding temporary music known as temp music.

At this point the rough cut will be sent to the client for review and feedback on the shot choice, interviews segments, music and overall tone and feel of the video.

With the feedback on the rough cut, you'll make necessary amendments to the video, finalise the music, and polish the scenes so they flow seamlessly into one another to create an overall story.

This cut will again be sent over to the client for review.

Once the edit has been approved by the client, you begin colour grading the video. Colour grading is the process of altering the colours in the image to match the tone and feel of the video. When done right, this is a time consuming process, it is for the reason why it is done last as you're only colour grading the shots used in the video.

You also licence the music at this point, carry out any fixes needed to the dialogue audio, and add graphics such as logos and lower third titles.

The total time required depends on the size and budget of the project, but at Story Ninety-Four we recommend at least 3 days editing.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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