What is social media optimisation?

Social media optimisation (SMO) is an important part of your content strategy. SMO is the process of modifying your content to be uploaded natively to a specific social media platform.

Across all social media platforms, native content (content uploaded directly to the platform) always performs better than non-native content.

An example of native content would be a video uploaded to Facebook. An example of non-native content would be a Facebook post with a link to a YouTube video.

The reason why native content outperforms non-native content is because of the way social media algorithms rank content. Selfishly, social media platforms want to keep you onsite, they don't want to send their users to another platform.

Facebook will always rank Facebook videos higher than YouTube videos. Therefore Facebook shows the Facebook video to more users than the YouTube video, resulting in larger impressions and likely greater engagement.

Examples of social media optimisation for video include adding subtitles or captions, changing the aspect ratio or duration of the video, even changing the video thumbnail or call to action. SMO involves both understanding the platform, as well as your audience on the platform and what they engage with.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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