What is the BROAD Model?

The BROAD Model is a model we created at Story Ninety-Four to help our clients with Pre-Production. It works by systematically walking you through the Creative Pre-Production process by focusing on 5 key elements.

BROAD stands for Brief, Restrictions, Objectives, Audience, and Distribution.


The first section in the model is developing your brief. What story are you wanting to tell? Identify the need for the video, and the content you want the video to contain. Examples include: excellent services, new product launch, how you work, or showcase your event.


Once you’ve developed your brief, you next need to identify your restrictions. What’s currently stopping you? Examples include: shortage of time, lack of knowledge, limited access, or budget


What do you want people to do after they've watched your video? Yes it’s nice to have videos, but if there isn’t a set objective you're unlikely to see results from your video production efforts. Examples include: convert customers, visit your website, get in touch, share with their network.


Who do you want to target? Your target audience will play a big role in deciding the tone of your video. Examples include: demographic, industry, location, needs and wants, values.


The last section in the BROAD model is distribution. How are you going to share your story? Now that you know your target audience, you need to identify where they are located and to distribute your content there. Examples include: website, social platforms, livestream, podcast, internal comms.

To maximise the effectiveness of your video content read our blog post on the BROAD Model.

Last Updated:
February 2021

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