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Audio File

An audio file is a digital file that contains recorded sound, used in podcasting to store and distribute episodes.

An audio file in podcasting refers to the digital format in which podcast episodes are recorded, edited, and distributed. Common formats include MP3, WAV, and AAC, each with its own balance of quality and file size.

MP3 is the most widely used format due to its balance of good audio quality and relatively small file size, making it ideal for streaming and downloading. WAV files, while offering higher audio quality, are larger and typically used during the recording and editing phases rather than for distribution. AAC is another popular format that provides good quality at smaller file sizes compared to MP3.Audio files are essential for podcasting as they contain all the spoken content, music, and sound effects that make up an episode. These files are uploaded to a hosting platform, which then distributes them to various podcast directories and apps for listeners to access.