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Double-ender / Tape Sync

A double-ender, or tape sync, is a recording technique where each participant records their audio locally, ensuring higher quality sound.

A double-ender, also known as tape sync, involves each participant in a podcast recording their own audio locally rather than relying on internet-based communication tools. This method ensures that each person's voice is captured with the highest possible quality using their local recording equipment. Once the recording is complete, the individual audio files are synchronised during the editing process. This technique mitigates issues such as internet latency, compression artifacts, and other distortions that can affect remote recordings.

Using double-enders is especially beneficial for interviews or discussions involving participants in different locations. It allows for a polished, professional sound comparable to in-person studio recordings. While it requires more effort in terms of coordination and post-production, the result is a superior audio experience for listeners, free from the typical audio degradation associated with remote calls.