Blenheim Palace Management Training

Corporate Video Production
Woodstock, Oxfordshire
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Project Overview

The Oxford Group provide bespoke leadership and management training for organisations. We produced a case study film for The Oxford Group to highlight the course they designed for Blenheim Palace.

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Case Study

This is the second case study we have produced for The Oxford Group, the first case study was for the 5 Conversations Programme designed for CloudFM. Drawing on our experience from that first case study we knew we didn't want to be obtrusive during the training sessions.


We set up our interview station in the foyer, outside the training room. We shot on two Sony A7III cameras - one with a 24-70 GM lens and the other an 85 prime with the subject looking off camera left. We lit the scene short side with one Aputure 120D II shining through a Lastolite 4x4 diffusion panel. This provided a soft light on the subjects face to simulate sunlight shining through a window. Each subject was miked with a Sennheiser MKE wireless lavalier recorded onto a Sound Devices MixPre-3 Mark II.

After recording all of the interviews with the subjects we captured b-roll footage of the training session lead by Stephen Yates. We didn't want to spend too long in the room with the managers to avoid disrupting the session. We spent 20 minutes capturing footage and a further 10 minutes taking photographs.

It was also important to capture footage of the Blenheim Palace grounds for context in the case study. We spent an hour walking through the grounds with the Rhino EVO slider to get dynamic shots of the building and grounds.


We edited the project in Final Cut Pro X and Izotope RX. Before editing the footage we edit the interview audio. The audio straight out of the Sound Devices sounds great due to the fantastic pre-amps, but we like to do further corrections to improve the sound quality even further. We loudness normalise, EQ, de-ess and de-plosive to remove harsh frequencies and sounds from people's voice to end with smooth sounding dialogue.

Next we sync the interview audio with the two cameras and begin editing the interviews, pulling out certain answers and takes which forms the backbone of the video. We repeat this process with every interview to create our first draft. We then add our b-roll footage to support the narrative and colour correct the final sequence.

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Story Ninety-Four have done a number of jobs for me over the past two years and I’ve never been disappointed. They are able to tackle a brief creatively and can quickly turn around a project in a tight timeframe. The videos are always met with positive feedback from our stakeholders

Polly Adamson, Communications Executive at City & Guilds Group

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