Creative Influence Book Launch with Rankin

Event Video Production
London, UK
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Project Overview

SEA Design and Rankin in collaboration with Oyster Catcher and &Print created the book Creative Influence. For the launch of the book SEA Design hired us to produce a highlight film of the event reflective of the tone and energy of the event.

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Case Study

We spoke with SEA Design to talk through the event, and get an understanding of key moments, characters and most importantly, tone.

We use the information to direct us on style, pace and editing when in post-production, but we also use it during production when making decisions on what shots we need.

When filming events it is important to remain unobtrusive, this translates to being lightweight and able to move in and out of situations quickly and quietly.

During events we take note of the music playing and the atmosphere of the event, we use this to aid our editing decisions. At the event the music was uptempo, modern hip-hop with hints of trap - we knew the film had to feature similar music and have quick, on the beat cuts.

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