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For the launch of their new website The Evergreen Agency reached out to us to produce two "About Us" films and a banner film for the site. We also photographed team headshots to maintain consistent branding across social platforms such as LinkedIn.

The Evergreen Agency logo on a white wall in their office


We met with The Evergreen Agency to discuss the project and conduct a site visit of their office. We talked through the key points they wanted to communicate in the films, and decided on a location in the office for filming.

The main deliverable was the banner film that would be front and centre on their new website. We wanted to convey in 20 seconds the culture, team, and office space at The Evergreen Agency.


On the day of production, we had to film 3 interviews, shoot footage of the office and team for the banner film and photography headshots for the team. We filmed the interviews first as we knew this would require the most set-up time.

The interviews were shot in the balcony area of the office and this caused a few challenges. Firstly we had a large skylight directly above the subject, we needed to flag this light and block it out so it didn't affect our lighting set up.

We used the Lastolite 4x4 and the Aputure 120DII as our keylight. This set-up has a large footprint and as a consequence we couldn't use a boom microphone. We used our Sennheiser MKE lavalier microphone recording into the Sound Devices Mix-Pre 3 II and in post removed the boxiness prevalent in lavalier microphones to create clearer dialogue.

We filmed the interviews using the Rhino ARC II motion control unit on the Rhino Slider EVO. During the interview the camera is siding and panning creating a parallax effect during the filming. This makes the interview feel more dynamic and engaging.

After filming the interviews and the additional footage of the office and team for the banner film, we then shot the team headshots. The Evergreen Agency wanted a look that was stylised and not your traditional corporate headshot.

Matt Eastland-Jones taking a photo of a woman against a green foliage wall at the Evergreen Agency office

We decided to shoot the headshots against a textured foliage background with one keylight close to the subject. This provided soft shadows on the face but also a steeper fall-off in light spilling onto the background. We get nice hits and pops of green from the background behind, but it doesn't overpower the subject in the frame.

Screenshot of the Evergreen Agency film timeline in Final Cut Pro X


The film was edited in Final Cut Pro X using Colour Finale for colour correcting and Izotope RX Audio Editor for the dialogue.

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Great service. Matt really knows his stuff and is one of our go-to suppliers for video work. He has shot our team, our offices and clients in recent months. Great guy, highly recommended.

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins, Managing Director

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