Brand Animation

Perfectly on-brand animations to make your business pop off the screen and grab attention.

Animation starting at £300.

Nothing grabs peoples attention like video. A powerful logo animation can instantly connect with prospects, increasing your chance of engagement over a static image.

Starting at £300 for a logo animation, every business can have an eye-catching animation.

Animate every aspect of your brand.

Animation brings to life otherwise static images. We create custom animations for businesses to use across their whole marketing strategy to make their brand stand out.


Make your business more memorable with a bespoke on-brand animation of your logo. Use it to bumper your video content or standalone.

Lower Thirds

Introduce yourself and your team with your name and title animated on-screen for your next video.

Social Media

Create short animated social media posts to grab the attention of your audience. Highlight new services or promotions, and get your brand out there.


Like your logo, icons play a big part of your brand and identity. Use animated icons across your marketing for an impactful, cohesive look.

On-brand, and instantly recognisable.

To fully understand your business, we discuss your brand and marketing materials, brand guidelines and social media posts to ensure your animation fits seamlessly.

Ready to creating something amazing?

All projects start from nothing - if you have a detailed brief or just an idea, get in touch with our team. We love talking about making the impossible, possible.

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