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Podcasts are an incredibly powerful tool for marketing, but they can be tough to create, publish, and connect with listeners. At Story Ninety-Four, we're here to help. We're the easiest way for podcasters to start & run their show.

Expert service from start to success.

Podcasting is a fantastic marketing tool for businesses of all sizes who want to build and foster relationships with their customers. It's a personal form of marketing that provides a different way to reach out to your current and prospective customers in a relevant, interesting, and meaningful way.

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Podcast Strategy & Planning

In order to be successful with podcasts, it is important to have a well-planned strategy in place. This includes deciding on the style of podcast, tone, and appropriate content for your audience.

For exisitng podcasts, we complete in-depth reviews and provide recommendations for how it can be improved going forward. We'll develop your podcast into a show that shares your brand, personality, and expertise, and connects with your audience.

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Podcast Production & Recording

The most important thing about making a podcast is great content. But too many podcasts are let down by poor audio quality and poor recordings. At our Podcast Studio in Oxford, we'll record great audio for your Podcast.

Clients visit our Studio once or twice a month to record next months episodes. We don't rush you, or charge by the hour, so you can take your time recording your epsidoes. You'll also have an audio engineer on hand at all times.

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Podcast Editing

Editing can often feel like the easiest step, but it’s actually one of the most important. Editing is an art form. After we've recorded your episode, we get to work on editing to make sure it sounds its best.

The involves removing long pauses, false-starts, and any mistakes. We also apply an EQ to each speaker to make their voice rich and clear, as well as add music, intros and outros to your episode.

Podcast Hosting

Similarly to websites, podcasts need to be hosted online for people to listen to them. Traditionally, this would require an ongoing monthly fee.

With Story Ninety-Four, however, we host all of our clients podcasts free of charge, so you never need to pay for hosting, even if you stop podcasting.

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Podcast Distribution

Podcasts are a great way to reach a wide audience, but it’s not always easy to get your podcast everywhere. There are many different platforms that you can use for distribution, as well as websites and apps.

It’s important to make sure your podcast is available on as many of these as possible, so people who want to listen to it have the opportunity. We submit our podcast to all of the necessary databases including Apple, Spotify, Google, and Amazon.

Podcast Promotion

Promoting a podcast can be a challenge. To support you in promoting your podcast, we'll create bespoke, on-brand graphics, animations, and audiograms, optimised for social media for you to share to promote your podcast.

Leverageing your existing audience on social media, and the audiences of your guests by using promotional material is an effective technique that can drive engagement and raise awareness for your podcast.

Our Podcast Studio.

It's hard to record high-quality podcasts in your office or your living room. It's also hard to find the right equipment for recording high-quality content.

That's why we opened Oxford's first Podcast Studio.  

Our Podcast Studio in Central Oxford

Recording podcasts in a studio helps you sound like a pro, and helps you reach out to your audience in better ways.

When you visit our Podcast Studio in Oxford, you can easily record your podcast without any hassles. You'll get the best experience when using our equipment and working with our technicians.

The studio is sound-treated, fitted with professional audio equipement, and capable of recording 4 people, as well as dialling in guests virtually for remote interviews.

Based in the heart of Oxford on the Oxford Business Park, the studio is only a minutes drive off the Oxford ring road with on-site parking for you and your guests.

Recorded at the Studio:

"Story Ninety-Four are extremely professional and always produce high-quality, engaging content which has been fantastic for our fundraising and awareness campaigns"
Ellie Jesson, Head of External Affairs at The Prince's Countryside Fund
"Story Ninety-Four are very professional and really helped us to get the most out of our studio time, and make our podcast sound great. The studio is airy and comfortable, with measures to make sure everyone feels safe"
Rosie Jones, Director of Independent Oxford
"This was our first project working with Story Ninety-Four and the first video ICEoxford had produced. They provided us with a fantastic corporate video which has led to some great customer feedback, causing us to book in the next two shoots straight away"
Cesca Molyneux, Marketing Executive at ICEoxford
Story Ninety-Four helped us bring Princess Royal Training Award applicants' stories to life through impactful videos we use on our website. They're everything you want in a creative video partner"
Stuart Tucker, Marketing Operations Manager at City & Guilds Group

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