Remote Podcast Production.

Starting your podcast couldn't be easier. Record your podcast from anywhere in the world.

Our all-in-one podcast production service includes eveything to get your podcast out there and your message heard.

Remote Recording
Editing & Mastering
Publish & Promotion
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Step 1
Deliver your Microphone

We'll deliver you and your guests a professional USB micophone to use during your remote recording.

Step 2
Record your Podcast

Record your podcast virtually, at your office, or in our Podcast Studio at a time that suits you and your guests.

Step 3
Edit, Master & Review

We'll make you sound amazing and remove any distractions, mistakes, or background noise.

Step 4
Publish & Promote

We'll publish your podcast on all the major podcast platforms ready for your eager listeners.

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Premium Remote Podcast Production.

Starting a podcast is easy - but publishing episodes consistantly, growing an audience, sounding your best, and keeping listeners coming back for more is much harder.

Support your Goals

We'll make sure your podcast is providing value to your listeners, and your business with monthly check-ins and analytics breakdowns.

Record Anywhere

Record anywhere in the world with anyone in the world. Virtual podcasting allows you to go beyond your physical location.

Crystal-Clear Audio

We'll send you and your guests microphones to make you sound amazing and keep you listeners focused on the content.

Available Everywhere

Get heard and reach the biggest possible audience as your podcast is available on all podcast apps.

No Distractions

Let's remove all those annoying accidental pauses and mistakes. With the magic of editing, no one will ever know.

Promotional Content

Share audiograms, quotes from guests, and other piece of content from your podcast on social media. Created by us, shared by you.

Story Ninety-Four & Matt consistently go above and beyond to support our podcasting work. I can't recommend them enough, all the way from conception and planning, through to recording and marketing.
Harriet McAtee, Podcaster & Owner of Nourish Yoga Training
Story Ninety-Four have been invaluable for our podcast, supporting us through conception of a new series, recording, editing, and marketing. We’re really impressed with the final result.
Samantha Amy, Digital Marketing Manager at Satellite Applications Catapult
It's been great to work with Matt on our Independent Oxford podcast at Oxford's first podcast studio. He's given useful and constructive advice and really supported us through the process of setting up a strong podcast!
Anna Munday co-founder of Independent Oxford
Recording my podcast with Story Ninety-Four has been fantastic. It's great to share my expertise with my listeners and has helped establish me as one of the go-to business coaches in Oxfordshire
Mike Foster, Podcaster & Owner of The Entrepreneurs Mentor

Join our network of successful podcasts.

Top 25% Podcast

Season 1 of In Our Experince debuted on the New & Upcoming chart in the Health & Wellbeing category placing it in the top 25% of podcasts globally.

900% Increase in Listeners

We produced the Season 2 of The Indepenent Oxford Podcast with a 16 episode season which resulted in a 900% increase in listeners numbers.

466% Increase in Listeners

We produced the Step Change Podcast with Mike Foster and increased the listenership by 466% compared to his first podcast.

10,000 New Listeners

We produced Season 2 of In-Orbit and increased the listenership by 10,000 new listeners resulting in over 4,000 listeners per episode.

Clear audio for your voice

There is more to podcasting than sound quality, we know that. But if your podcast sounds bad and the experience isn't enjoyable, people aren’t going to listen - no matter how good the content is.

Don’t let bad sound be the reason your podcast isn’t successful. We send microphones to your host and all your guests to make sure you sound great.

Make me sound amazing

Edited to perfection

There’s more to editing than removing “ums” and “ahs” and the best edits are so seamless, you don’t even realise they’re there. 

Remove annoying distractions with noise reduction
Improve clarity by removing mistakes and false starts
Convert listeners with bookended intros and call to actions
Make your podcast instantly recognisable with music
Edit my Podcast

Convert browsers to listeners, and listeners to customers

Quotes from your guests, key takeaways or action points are all ideal content for sharing on social media.

Use audiograms to share your expertise and podcast highlights to engage your social following and convert them into listeners. 

Help me get more customers

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