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Engage your audience & grow your influence with podcasting. Our all-in-one podcasting service supports ambitious companies and individuals to increase online engagement and sales.

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Why should you start a podcast?

Build Authority

Podcasts are excellent platforms for you to talk about key topics and challenges in your industry. Use your podcast as a platform to share your expert knowledge. You will be regarded as an industry-leader, attracting new customers directly from your podcast.

High Engagement

92% of podcasts listeners listen to the whole episode. That means you can expect a much higher conversion rate than other forms of marketing. Podcasts convert followers to customers, and customers to advocates.

Repurpose Content

If you're short on content, you need a podcast. Podcasts can be repurposed into videos for YouTube, social content such as audiograms and quotes, or transcribed into blog posts for your website.

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Support before you record & after you hit publish

Unlike other podcast production companies that only come in after you've finished recording, we're with you for the long-haul. We get to work from day one, making sure your podcast creates value for you, and your listeners.

Support your business goals for growth in 2022

Starting a podcast is exciting, but there is a lot of work to do before you get to the fun part of recording. It’s important to have a well-planned strategy in place if you want your podcast to succeed and support your business growth.

This includes deciding on the style and tone of your podcast, identifying your goals and objectives, developing content appropriate for your audience, and creating a promotional strategy for when your podcast is live.

Support my business growth

Crystal clear audio for eager ears

There is more to podcasting than sound quality, we know that. But if your podcast sounds bad and the experience isn't enjoyable, people aren’t going to listen - no matter how good the content is.

Don’t let bad sound be the reason your podcast isn’t successful. Our podcasts are professionally recorded in our dedicated Podcast Studio in Oxford.

Make me sound amazing

Be the authority and invite guests on your podcast

Podcasting is a collaborative platform, and home to many voices. Most of the most successful podcasts include guests as it allows new perspectives, ideas, and stories to be told.

But it’s not always easy finding the right time, or location, to record guests. That’s where our Podcast Studio in Oxford comes in. 

Dedicated recording space for your and your guests
Connect with virtual guests. We’ll even send them a microphone so they sound great.
Visit our Podcast Studio

Powerful voices.

Recorded by us in Oxford.
2x eCommerce Podcast
Business & Coaching
Coaching Unwrapped
Health & Fitness
In Our Experience with Nourish Yoga Training
Science & Space

Don't just take it from us.

Story Ninety-Four have been invaluable for our podcast, supporting us through conception of a new series, recording, editing, and marketing. They helped us better understand how we can improve our podcast and what works for our type of content"
Samantha Amy, Digital Marketing Manager at Satellite Applications Catapult
listeners per episode for Season 2.
The Step Change Podcast
"Recording my podcast with Story Ninety-Four has been fantastic. It's great to share my expertise with my listeners and has helped establish me as one of the go-to business coaches in Oxfordshire"
Mike Foster, Business Mentor & host of The Step Change Podcast
increase in listeners for Season 2.

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"Story Ninety-Four & Matt consistently go above and beyond to support our podcasting work. I can't recommend them enough, all the way from conception and planning, through to recording and marketing."
Harriet McAtee, Podcaster & Owner of Nourish Yoga Training
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Leave the hard part to us

There’s more to editing than removing “ums” and “ahs” and the best edits are so seamless, you don’t even realise they’re there. 

Remove annoying distractions with noise reduction
Improve clarity by removing mistakes and false starts
Convert listeners with bookended intros and call to actions
Make your podcast instantly recognisable with music
Save me and my team time

Convert browsers to listeners, and listeners to customers.

Quotes from your guests, key takeaways or action points are all ideal content for sharing on social media. Use audiograms to share your expertise and podcast highlights to engage your social following and convert them into listeners. 

Get me more customers

Attract interest from the top of the charts

Most podcasts don’t give show notes the attention they deserve. But they should. Great show notes can mean the difference between being on, or off, the podcast charts. Everyone reads the blurb before starting a book, podcast listeners do the same.

Attract more listeners by improving on-page SEO and discoverability on podcast apps
Increase starts and streams by including compelling details in the show notes
Direct traffic to your website and track ROI by including call to actions and track clicks with UTM tags
Climb the top of the charts

The Oxford Podcast Studio

Picking the right time, location, and equipement to record a podcast is time-consuming and expensive. That's why we opened Oxford's first Podcast Studio - a dedicated space to record high-quality podcasts in Oxford, to save you time and money.

Ideal location in Oxford Business Park, Cowley
Record engaging converstions with up to 4 speakers
Turn your podcast into a video podcast for increased engagement
Sound your best with our professional equipment

Want to engage your audience?

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"Matt is awesome to work with. He's very professional and really helped us to get the most out of our studio time, and make our podcast sound great. The studio is airy and comfortable, with measures to make sure everyone feels safe. We're really looking forward to continuing podcast work with Matt."
Anna Munday, Podcaster & co-founder of Independent Oxford
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