Podcasting is a hot topic, with many businesses wanting to get involved. But starting a podcast is a significant commitment that will take considerable time.

We recommend that our clients commit to at least six months of podcasting, with a minimum of 12 episodes, to get a sense of the trends, see what's working, and build momentum.

Like most marketing strategies, generating momentum and producing a return on investment takes time.

In addition to the time commitment, you must assess your team's commitment to the project.

By partnering with a podcast production company like ours, we can take on much of the work, particularly during production and post-production, aiding with recording, editing, scheduling and more. But if you decide to produce the podcast in-house, you need to ensure that your team can take on the workload of producing a podcast.

Does your marketing team have the time and energy to commit to releasing a weekly podcast episode for the next six months? Producing the podcast in-house can save a lot on production costs but will require a heavy investment of time. Can someone on your team edit the audio? Do you have access to quality recording equipment and software?

If the answer is no, you must reconsider whether a podcast is right for you or enlist the help of a podcast production company to assist.

Hiring a podcast production company removes a lot of the hard work, leaving you to book your guests and plan your content to facilitate interesting conversations while the podcast production company makes you sound as good as possible and gets your podcast out to listeners.

This might sound like a dreary start to this resource, but we’re starting here because if you don’t have the resources or budget to allocate to podcasting, you may as well save yourself the time and stop reading.

Want to keep reading? Awesome, next up are goals!

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